On September 16, Parenting for Liberation attended the 5th Annual Black Family Conference, hosted by Awaken the Greatness Foundation.

According to their website, The annual Black Family Conferences’ purpose is to:

create synergy between families, local businesses, key influencers and service providers through an educational and entertaining platform.

At the conference, children were provided free school supplies and books that center Black characters and storylines.  In addition to the resources, the conference gave families the knowledge and resources to take an active role in exposing African American history and heritage to their families.  Families leave the conference with a sense of responsibility to be better academically, socially and economically.

 The conference met it’s vision including:

  • Serve as a bridge between members of the community and service providers

  • Provide information that will increase awareness about the challenges Black families face and how to overcome them

  • Strengthen the overall bond of Black families

Here are some highlights from the conference were:

  • Introduction by founder of Awaken the Greatness Foundation
  • Age-appropriate youth sessions focused on instilling cultural pride and activism
  • A panel featuring activists, educators, and parents from the community
    • discussion on Black Lives Matter movement
    • ways to engage in social justice and organizing with local organizations
    • emotional emancipation

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