Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week — Podcast on Healing in Parenting

      “Confronting chronic emotional pain in Black life is the terrain of political resistance we must now explore, the new revolutionary frontier” -bell hooks This week on the podcast, we celebrate National Mental Health Awareness Week by discussing the role of healing and mentalhealth in parenting. In this episode we discuss our participation and … Continue reading Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week — Podcast on Healing in Parenting


A Long Walk Home

On June 21, 18 Black parents and guardians gathered at Homan Towers on the West Side of Chicago to support their Black daughters in a female empowerment program. During the introductions, parents and guardians were asked to described what makes their daughter sparkle and the answers were filled with pride and joy. Parents and guardians … Continue reading A Long Walk Home

Still I Rise: A Collective Poem Written By Participants of “Raising Liberated Children” Workshop

“Our ancestors got us.” This was the text that I sent to Cecilia Caballero of Chicana M(other)work the night before our first “Raising Liberated Children” workshop held on February 1st, 2018. With the financial of Resonance Network and coordination support of Just Detention International, Cecilia and I designed a three-part workshop series for mothers who … Continue reading Still I Rise: A Collective Poem Written By Participants of “Raising Liberated Children” Workshop

Raising Liberated Children Workshop with Incarcerated Women

We are so excited to partner with Just Detention International and Chicana Motherwork to bring "Raising Liberated Children" a 3-week workshop series for parents who want to learn about the impacts of intergenerational trauma and ways to overcome it by parenting ourselves and our children to be healthy and free to incarcerated women. Artwork: Intergalactic Conspiracies of Childcare Collectives.

Black Family Conference

On September 16, Parenting for Liberation attended the 5th Annual Black Family Conference, hosted by Awaken the Greatness Foundation. According to their website, The annual Black Family Conferences' purpose is to: create synergy between families, local businesses, key influencers and service providers through an educational and entertaining platform. At the conference, children were provided free … Continue reading Black Family Conference

Liberated Parenting Strategies Webinar Recording

Click to Watch Webinar Recording Earlier this year, Parenting for Liberation was the guest speaker for  Delaware Coalitions'  THRIVE series. This webinar builds upon concepts from DCADV’s THRIVE Conference which explored the linkages between multiple forms of violence.  Societal and structural violence is intrinsically linked to violence in the home.  This webinar features Trina Greene … Continue reading Liberated Parenting Strategies Webinar Recording

Highlights from our AMC sessions!

ALLIED MEDIA CONFERENCE We had a few incredible sessions at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit from June 15-17, 2018. We are happy to share highlights from a couple of the sessions below. MOTHERING THE REVOLUTION In the Mothering the Revolution session facilitated in partnership with Cecilia Caballero of Chicana M(other)work, participants offered vulnerable reflections … Continue reading Highlights from our AMC sessions!