Children of Incarcerated Parents National Conference

“Freedom is what many parents who have histories of enslavement and incarceration desire for their children. As the daughter of a formerly incarcerated parent, and with a connection to enslaved Africans, that’s what I want for my kids. I want them to be liberated.” -- Trina Greene Brown This Ted-Talk style presentation masterfully weaves personal … Continue reading Children of Incarcerated Parents National Conference


Chicana Motherwork Anthology Success! On today’s panel at CSUDH, Trina Greene Brown reads a passage from her chapter in the Chicana Motherwork Anthology. Swipe left to watch... read below for full section: “Through personal storytelling of my experiences birthing and caregiving while simultaneously working in the women’s rights movement, this piece will reflect on the inequities and hypocrisies … Continue reading Chicana Motherwork Anthology Success!

Chicana Motherwork Anthology

Trina Greene Brown, Parenting for Liberation Founder and Executive Director, wrote a piece for the newly released Chicana Motherwork Anthology. This anthology is a call to action for justice. Contributions are both theoretical and epistemological, and they offer an understanding of motherwork through Chicana and Women of Color experiences. Here's a video of Trina reading … Continue reading Chicana Motherwork Anthology

Courageous Caregiving

April 20, 2019: Black Love Convergence will explore how Black Love shapes our friendships, families, partnerships, communities, social justice movements, parenting, loving outside of the African diaspora, and our ability to strengthen alternatives to capitalism, patriarchy and white supremacy. Parenting for Liberation will hold space for conversations on Courageous Caregiving for Black Liberation in partnership with Dani … Continue reading Courageous Caregiving

Self-Care Sunday Success

We were honored to bring together an intimate group of Black parents across the diaspora. With intentionality, we brought together a beautiful community that is intergenerational (with folks caring for children ranging from infancy to adulthood), representing a multitude of parenting identities (from single parent, co-parent, blended-families, etc), engaging in various practices and perspectives, and … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Success

Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week — Podcast on Healing in Parenting

      “Confronting chronic emotional pain in Black life is the terrain of political resistance we must now explore, the new revolutionary frontier” -bell hooks This week on the podcast, we celebrate National Mental Health Awareness Week by discussing the role of healing and mentalhealth in parenting. In this episode we discuss our participation and … Continue reading Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week — Podcast on Healing in Parenting