Program Offerings

Parenting for Liberation’s (P4L) mission is to cultivate resilient and joyful Black families that are doing the healing work to interrupt historical traumas and intergenerational violence, dismantle harmful narratives about the Black family, and create community that amplifies Black girl magic and Black boy joy.

Using a healing justice approach, P4L engages with Black parents to do their own healing and transformative work, helping Black parents to understand intergenerational trauma rooted in slavery. Based on research by Dr. Joy DeGruy-Leary, there are many chains that need to be broken to heal Black parents from the impacts of post-traumatic slave syndrome – such as punitive parenting styles – that are rooted in fear stemming from slavery.  P4L is working to unearth and connect to these deeply seeded historical traumas and provide liberatory and healing practices for Black parents; then begin to build with parents as leaders as an essential driver of social movements. When parents can access their own liberation and healing, they are equipped to advocate and support their children and community. 

To that end, P4L offers the following programming:

  • Healing Justice/Self Care Sessions:

In this space we offer Black parents space to reset, practice self care and recharge in a community space built on the foundation of black love and liberation. Parents are introduced to various self care practices and healing methods to help this move through trauma. 

  • “From Trauma to Triumph” Workshop Series

A 3-week parenting workshop series designed for Black parents to unlearn old ways of parenting and shift to news alternatives to raise healthy, happy, and free children. Using storytelling and art-making as a way for them to tell their own stories—past, present, and future—and explore how their lived experiences can become powerful pathways for healing and liberation.

  • “Building Black Parent Power” Advocacy Trainings: 

Using interactive facilitation, handouts, and role play exercises, this training equips Black parents to connect and organize in their local environments to challenge institutions and behaviors that perpetuate violence and racism against them and their children. 

  • Liberated Parenting Coaching & Circles

One-on-one coaching or small communities of practice provided online and in-person to support parents in utilizing liberated parenting practices at home and in their community in support of raising liberated children.  

  • Black Family Gatherings:

Hosting cultural-specific events and gatherings that celebrate the resilience and joy of Black families. 

Meet Our Team

Trina Greene Brown, Founder & Executive Director


Recognized as an Inspirational Parent in 2018 by CADRE and as a Black Feminist Rising in 2017 by Black Women’s Blueprint, Trina Greene Brown is a leader on the rise and she’s taking Black parents and children along with her to higher heights. Bridging her 15 years of professional experience as a youth organizer in ending violence with her personal role as a parent of two Black children, Trina Greene Brown is a proud Black-feminist Mama-activist. In
2016, she founded Parenting for Liberation a platform for Black parents, which engages in a multimedia strategy, currently consisting of a blog, iTunes podcast, a self-published workbook, and in- person trainings and conferences. She has contributed to On Parenting for the Washington Post, and in 2019, her writing
was featured in two anthologies, Chicana M(other)work Anthology, centered on intersections of motherhood and activism.

Connect with our founder via email: trina@parentingforliberation.org

Jessica Ross, Parent Volunteer

Jessica Ross is a single mother of 3 black children. She is currently a Communication Major working on her BA at Cal State University Dominguez Hill. Being a parent of children with particular behavioral needs, Jessica is skilled at navigating multiple systems to ensure her children’s needs are meet. She is passionate about learning and unlearning the historical traumas that plague the black community and practicing liberation in her parenting. She looks forward to applying her parental advocacy skills as a Parent Volunteer at Parenting For Liberation. She is a firm believer in the growth and development of black children.