Raising Liberated Children Workshop with Incarcerated Women

We are so excited to partner with Just Detention International and Chicana Motherwork to bring "Raising Liberated Children" a 3-week workshop series for parents who want to learn about the impacts of intergenerational trauma and ways to overcome it by parenting ourselves and our children to be healthy and free to incarcerated women. Artwork: Intergalactic Conspiracies of Childcare Collectives.


Black Family Conference

On September 16, Parenting for Liberation attended the 5th Annual Black Family Conference, hosted by Awaken the Greatness Foundation. According to their website, The annual Black Family Conferences' purpose is to: create synergy between families, local businesses, key influencers and service providers through an educational and entertaining platform. At the conference, children were provided free … Continue reading Black Family Conference

Let Black Kids Just Be Kids

"That’s why we must create a future in which children of color are not disproportionately caught up in the criminal justice system, a world in which a black 17-year-old can wear a hoodie without being assumed to be a criminal. Creating that social change, however, has proved difficult. And that’s partly because the concept of … Continue reading Let Black Kids Just Be Kids

Parenting for Liberation Co-Conspirator on the Kids and Caregivers Track at Allied Media Conference

Parenting For Liberation is a proud co-conspirator of the "Kids and Caregivers Transform the World" track at Allied Media Conference! The Kids & Caregivers Transform the World Track is seeking proposals from parents, youth, artists, musicians, educators, childcare collectives, and beyond! Some subject areas we’d love to see covered are: body positivity, consent, anti-racism, gender, radical parenting, food … Continue reading Parenting for Liberation Co-Conspirator on the Kids and Caregivers Track at Allied Media Conference

From Beautiful Black Child to Black Threat

When do beautiful adorable Black children become threatening Black thugs? "Today, my kids are deemed “golden” and “adorable” and “sweet” because they look the way society has decided children should look. In a few years, as they grow into black young adults and men, that same line of superficial reasoning will mark them as dangerous. … Continue reading From Beautiful Black Child to Black Threat

Cecilia Caballero of Chicana M(other)work

During our discussion with Cecilia Caballero of Chicana M(other)work, we explore: 1. being a parent in academia and the organizing taking place on campuses throughout Los Angeles and Chicana M(other)work 2. anti-blackness in brown communities including personal experiences with colorism and internalized oppression 3. the victim blaming of local state-violence victim Jesse Romero (http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2016/08/10/boyle-heights-deadly-officer-involved-shooting/) 4. … Continue reading Cecilia Caballero of Chicana M(other)work