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Episode 64: Healing Trauma for Ourselves and Our Children Parenting for Liberation

On this episode, Trina speaks with author and life coach Kwamane Harris about addressing our intergenerational trauma and the necessity of our healing journey as parents in order to empower our children and future generations while we continue to fight against oppression in our communities. Kwamane is an advocate for youth and families. He recently wrote a book titled "Pushing the Generations Forward," which emphasizes the importance of empowering the next generation and finding purpose in the face of life's hardships. Kwamane has been working in human services for the past 15 years, specifically in youth development and family support services. Currently, Kwamane trains adults who support youth in education and employment attainment using evidence-based practices, which include cognitive behavior theory and a trauma-informed approach. Harris holds a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, a master's degree in business administration, and is a certified professional life coach. When he is not working, Harris enjoys spending time with his wife, family, and friends. Resources: Pushingthegenerationsforward.com
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