A mix of kitchen counter, living room couch style conversations with activist parents, parent activists throughout various movements.


Episode 50: Reclaiming Our Stories – "We are Bridges" with Cassandra Lane Parenting for Liberation

In this episode, we interview Cassandra Lane, author of "We Are Bridges" (Feminist Press), winner of the Louise Meriwether First Book Prize and Editor-in-Chief of L.A. Parent magazine. We discuss her writings and reflect on the power of reclaiming and retelling of our legacies as Black folks. And when so much of our generational history has been lost, Cassandra shares strategies to reach back and fetch them (Sankofa).  In our conversation, Cassandra reflects on the following questions: How can we begin to document these narratives? What does it look like to be a griot in modern American society? When we have a deeper understanding of where, who, and what we come from, it gives us the opportunity to be firmly grounded in that knowledge. How does this translate to our parenting as we raise future ancestors? What did you find out about yourself in your quest to remember? How can we honor the parts of us that we can't remember?
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