A mix of kitchen counter, living room couch style conversations with activist parents, parent activists throughout various movements.


Episode 55: Supporting Our Neurodivergent Children with Natasha Nelson Parenting for Liberation

Trina speaks with Natasha Nelson, a Certified Positive Discipline Educator (CPDE) and stay-at-home mother to two autistic Black girls, about positive discipline and how we can best support our neurodivergent children. The mission of Supernova Momma is to help Black and Neurodiverse people break generational curses from systemic racism and ableism. Listen in as they discuss what neurodiversity means and how it shows up in Black families, applying a Black-lens to positive discipline, making connections between neurodiversity and systems of oppressions & trauma, and connecting our children and families to resources for healthy coping and development. Check out Natasha's offerings via her website and follow her on Instagram @supernova_momma. SuperNovaMomma.com
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