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Episode 51: "The ABCs of HBCUs" with Claudia Walker Parenting for Liberation

Trina Greene Brown talks with Claudia Walker, author of The ABCs of HBCUs, about the legacy and impact of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The ABCs of HBCUs takes readers on a front-row, all-inclusive tour of Historically Black Colleges & Universities. The first ABC board book dedicated to HBCUs, children quickly recognize that "A" isn't always for "apple." From FAMU to Howard, the Divine Nine to Battle of the Bands, children learn about the love, lifestyles, and legacies that built these incredible institutions. Hbcuprepschool.com Claudia Walker is an Oakland-based author, speaker, and teacher whose work has been featured in the New York Times, Essence, and Vogue. As a proud second-generation HBCU graduate, her debut book, The ABCs of HBCUs, is inspired by her undergraduate experiences at Spelman College. Deeply committed to showcasing and celebrating stories that mainstream publications tend to overlook, Claudia launched HBCU Prep School, a publishing company that centers on Black voices and Black joy in children’s books.
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