Parenting for Liberation is powered by a small and passionate team of freedom seeking and loving folks. Meet our team!

Trina Greene Brown

Founder & Executive Director

Recognized as an Inspirational Parent in 2018 by CADRE and as a Black Feminist Rising in 2017 by Black Womenโ€™s Blueprint, Trina Greene Brown is a leader on the rise and sheโ€™s taking Black parents and children along with her to higher heights. Bridging her 15 years of professional experience as a youth organizer in ending violence with her personal role as a parent of two Black children, Trina Greene Brown is a proud Black-feminist Mama-activist. In 2016, she founded Parenting for Liberation as a virtual platform for Black parents, currently consisting of a blog, podcast, and in-person trainings and conferences. Trina has contributed to “On Parenting” for the Washington Post, and in 2019, her writing was featured in two anthologies, Chicana M(other)work Anthology, centered on intersections of motherhood and activism. Her forthcoming book “Parenting for Liberation: A Guide for Raising Black Children” is soon to be released in June 2020 by Feminist Press.

Jessica Ross & Lesli LeGras Morris

Advisory Board