#FreeBresha and the Bail System

A must read by Movement Maker Eesha Pandit, featuring interviews with fellow Movement Makers Joanne Smith of Girls for Gender Equity and Trina Greene Brown of Parenting For Liberation, about the injustices of the of the criminal system and policies-- and the impact on victims of violence, including young girls like #Bresha Meadows. http://www.salon.com/2016/10/16/how-our-broken-bail-system-punishes-domestic-abuse-survivors-and-empowers-abusers/



Parenting for Liberation stands with #BreshaMeadows! Bresha is a young Black girl who was being abused in her home, when her mother couldn't defend her and the state failed to step in and support her, Bresha defended herself. We believe in creating a world where Black girls can be free without violence; and if they … Continue reading #FreeBresha