Let Black Kids Just Be Kids

"That’s why we must create a future in which children of color are not disproportionately caught up in the criminal justice system, a world in which a black 17-year-old can wear a hoodie without being assumed to be a criminal. Creating that social change, however, has proved difficult. And that’s partly because the concept of … Continue reading Let Black Kids Just Be Kids


Post-Election inspiration

Here is creator Trina'a morning after election reflection: I have been in bed all morning. I told Terrence I was sick and couldn't help him get dressed this morning. I asked him to get himself dressed. He knew why I was "sick"--he watched some of the election coverage with me and he was worried about … Continue reading Post-Election inspiration

From Beautiful Black Child to Black Threat

When do beautiful adorable Black children become threatening Black thugs? "Today, my kids are deemed “golden” and “adorable” and “sweet” because they look the way society has decided children should look. In a few years, as they grow into black young adults and men, that same line of superficial reasoning will mark them as dangerous. … Continue reading From Beautiful Black Child to Black Threat