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Using a healing justice approach, P4L engages with Black parents to do their own healing and transformative work, helping Black parents to understand intergenerational trauma rooted in slavery. Based on research by Dr. Joy DeGruy-Leary, there are many chains that need to be broken to heal Black parents from the impacts of post-traumatic slave syndrome – such as punitive parenting styles – that are rooted in fear stemming from slavery.  P4L is working to unearth and connect to these deeply seeded historical traumas and provide liberatory and healing practices for Black parents; then begin to build with parents as leaders as an essential driver of social movements. When parents can access their own liberation and healing, they are equipped to advocate and support their children and community. To that end, P4L offers the following programming:

Below is an overview of our expected annual programming, based on our 2023 plans. P4L is a learning organization and we will continue to evaluate the success of programs in advancing our organization’s core outcomes and objectives, and may shift strategies in response to lessons learned. 

Impact to Date:

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