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  • Vox: Let Kids Play

    Vox: Let Kids Play

    The decline of American playtime — and how to resurrect it – Vox

  • Intentioned: Parenting Ourselves and Our Kids

    Trina Greene talks with Embodied Podcast‘s host Omisade Burney-Scott about definitions of gentle parenting and how it can break cycles of generational trauma.  Catch the full episode here. For me — I always, you know, put a little Black spin on it. And so what I feel like I’m practicing is gentle parenting plus — which is…

  • Parenting OC Magazine Recognizes Trina Greene

     “My passion is the fight for equity and justice. I am passionate about ensuring that racism is eliminated and Black children are raised with a deep sense of self, cultural pride and Black joy.”  Trina Greene Read More about Trina’s Unique Passion

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