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  • Parenting OC Magazine Recognizes Trina Greene

    Parenting OC Magazine Recognizes Trina Greene

     “My passion is the fight for equity and justice. I am passionate about ensuring that racism is eliminated and Black children are raised with a deep sense of self, cultural pride and Black joy.”  Trina Greene Read More about Trina’s Unique Passion

  • “Groups Support Black Parents and Students”

    By Dianne Anderson for PRECINCT REPORTER NEWS APRIL 6, 2023 Critical race theory in school curriculum stirs up resistance everywhere, and that’s where Trina Greene Brown comes in with Parenting for Liberation, teaching Black parents how to teach their children what traditional schools won’t touch. Her nonprofit offers support and tools to recover from the…

  • “Gentle Parenting — But Make It Black”

    Trina Greene is featured in the March/April publication of Essence in a piece on Gentle Parenting by GLORIA ALAMREW.

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