Mia Birdsong: Shifting the Narratives of Black Families

Parenting for Liberation had the privilege of interviewing Mia Birdsong a powerhouse Mama-activist doing big things to shift the stories being told about Black families! During our interview with the Mia Birdsong, Co-Founder/Director of Family Story, we discussed the limitations and false narratives that exist about the make up of the Black family such as: … Continue reading Mia Birdsong: Shifting the Narratives of Black Families

Black Family Conference

On September 16, Parenting for Liberation attended the 5th Annual Black Family Conference, hosted by Awaken the Greatness Foundation. According to their website, The annual Black Family Conferences' purpose is to: create synergy between families, local businesses, key influencers and service providers through an educational and entertaining platform. At the conference, children were provided free … Continue reading Black Family Conference

Black Activist Mothering

We had the honor of interviewing Jacqueline Roebuck Sakho who recently launched Black Activist Mothering. Jacqueline performs #BlackActivistMothering as a conceptual framework that is a capturing and both shedding of what it means to be a black mother who engages problems of practice unfolding in urban school settings as community work. A #BlackActivistMother herself, Jacqueline has been trailblazing … Continue reading Black Activist Mothering

#FreeBresha and the Bail System

A must read by Movement Maker Eesha Pandit, featuring interviews with fellow Movement Makers Joanne Smith of Girls for Gender Equity and Trina Greene Brown of Parenting For Liberation, about the injustices of the of the criminal system and policies-- and the impact on victims of violence, including young girls like #Bresha Meadows. http://www.salon.com/2016/10/16/how-our-broken-bail-system-punishes-domestic-abuse-survivors-and-empowers-abusers/

Cecilia Caballero of Chicana M(other)work

During our discussion with Cecilia Caballero of Chicana M(other)work, we explore: 1. being a parent in academia and the organizing taking place on campuses throughout Los Angeles and Chicana M(other)work 2. anti-blackness in brown communities including personal experiences with colorism and internalized oppression 3. the victim blaming of local state-violence victim Jesse Romero (http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2016/08/10/boyle-heights-deadly-officer-involved-shooting/) 4. … Continue reading Cecilia Caballero of Chicana M(other)work