Over the last two weeks and counting, we have been witness to the escalating violence in Palestine and Israel and we are feeling the sadness, grief and anger at the loss of precious innocent lives. We are deeply heartbroken by the devastating loss including over 2,360 Palestinian children. As we process the tremendous harm happening, we want to acknowledge and sit with the pain and fear that families are experiencing right now. Families and children living in fear and under attack is the opposite of the world we dream of. 

As an organization committed to Black families and Black liberation, we see this as a reproductive justice issue and we are clear that this violence is the direct result of decades of Israeli settler colonialism and apartheid. We are reminded of the Reproductive Justice tenet that states, “The human right to parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities.” Right now, there is no such safety for Palestinian parents and children as they attempt to survive continuous bombings without access to water, food, fuel, electricity and critical medical care. What we all are witnessing is a complete lack of humanity and utter disregard for precious life. We cannot be silent as genocide and a humanitarian crisis unfolds before our very eyes.  

As many Black feminists have taught us, our liberation is interconnected, and we stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people.  We call for the US-government to condemn the attempted genocide of millions of Palestinians and demand an immediate ceasefire. Ceasefire is the bare minimum; take action by calling your representatives to demand a ceasefire now! 

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