Trina Greene talks with Embodied Podcast‘s host Omisade Burney-Scott about definitions of gentle parenting and how it can break cycles of generational trauma.  Catch the full episode here.

For me — I always, you know, put a little Black spin on it. And so what I feel like I’m practicing is gentle parenting plus — which is what I’ve been calling liberated parenting. Because gentle parenting looks at, how do we interrupt some of our old habits and intergenerational trauma in the inside of our homes? In our relationships with our children? And liberated parenting — the work that I do is really about how do we do the both-and of — of making sure that we don’t, as you say, create carceral systems within our homes, but then how do we also make sure that we’re fighting against those systems outside of our homes? So that our children can be those gentle humans that we’ve created, and like, they can thrive in the world.

Trina Greene