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Habari Gani? Nia!

Today, on the fifth day of Kwanzaa, we celebrate Nia (Purpose) which is to make our collective vocation the building & developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness. 

Today’s reflection and activity comes from our Healing Justice Coordinator, Xan West.

“Your purpose is the way the universe is expressed in the world through you. Your purpose is the energy which calls you back to Spirit.” 

Writing a family mission statement is a great way to connect to shared values and set intentions for how to be together. As a family, reflect on the guiding questions and create your own family mission statement. 

Use these guiding questions to get you started:

After you’ve discussed these questions, write up your family statement and post where your family can see it on a regular basis. 

Revisit our Family Purpose worksheet from last year. 

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