Happy Kwanzaa fam! 

Today, on the first day of Kwanzaa we celebrate Umoja or Unity which is about striving for and maintaining unity in the family, the community, the nation, and people. Today’s reflection comes from Operations Team Lead, Kimberly Renée Williams. 

The most powerful tool for Unity in my (given and chosen!) family, has been sitting down to share a meal with each other. Whenever I am enjoying a meal with my community, I am always in awe of how meals bring people together. As the meal progresses, you can see the group enjoying each other more and more! It’s amazing how food and breaking bread inspire conversation about what gives you joy. Around the table is where you can explore who you are, where you need to grow, or even maybe the place where you’ll find an accomplice! 🤣💯

Meals with the community are also where we become comfortable in speaking to each other with the kind of vulnerability and truth that inspires us all (especially the little ones and middle ones!) to sharpen our perspectives on what makes each other great. I am grateful to still be able to live these experiences in ways that are meaningful.

Today for Umoja, I invite you and your family to practice Unity by spending time with your loved ones, preparing and enjoying a meal! Check out our previous session on cooking with Chef Ederique Goudia for inspiration! 



Kwanzaa Cooking & Meal Resources

Food Network is releasing its first Kwanzaa series, “The Kwanzaa Menu” hosted by culinary scholar Tonya Hopkins, who will guide audiences through each of Kwanzaa’s seven principles using a special dish as conversation. 


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