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As part of our 2022 goals to Listen & Amplify Parent Voices, our Community Organizer, jay brissette, has been holding space virtually for the last two months for Black parents and caregivers to connect, share experiences, and participate in solution-making.

Black parents have raised valid concerns and challenges around their own fatigue and exhaustion, barriers in access to educational resources for their children, limited access to childcare, and overall the need for more mental health support.

Here are a few things Black parents have named as challenges:

I feel disconnected from community and support.

I feel like a burden on my existing support system because I know everyone is going through it.

I see a difference in the way non-Black teachers communicate and interact with my child vs. the other children.

Accessing services for my children through their school and local agencies (ex. the regional center) has been very difficult. 

It’s nearly impossible for me to take space for myself between kids at home and work.

Our Black Parent Listening Sessions are aimed at moving beyond listening about the issues, but also sourcing solutions and mobilizing towards action. We know that Black parents are the best people to creatively and collaboratively address the issues we’re facing, so join us to be a part of the organizing process. Join us for our on-going sessions which meet every other Sunday this Spring.

Our next session is this Sunday, April 3rd at 5pm PT/8pm ET.

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