Our hands hold so much power and healing! We affirm the safety and trust that our hands can offer on both an individual and community level. 

We are honored to welcome our Fall Healer in Residence, Michelle Phillips, ‘The Liberation Strategist’, to guide us in this season of  harvest and change in as series titled, “A Laying on of Hands: Body Based Techniques for Releasing Grief in the Body”. 

Michelle Phillips is a mental health clinician by training and spiritual wellbeing practitioner at heart. Originally from the deep South, Michelle alchemizes grief and loss work, relational neuroscience, systems theory, and the healing wisdom from all the diasporas. To facilitate wholly embodied intergenerational healing, liberation, and transformation is why Michelle wakes up in the morning. As a former hospital chaplain, Michelle’s practice integrates commonly missing spiritual matters for more profound wellness in the community. You can follow Michelle’s work on Instagram at @liberatewithmichelle.