In this moment of mass uprising, where people all over the country & globe are demanding justice & dignity for black lives which necessitates the end of the police & police state, we are reminded and keep coming back to a conversation with Cecilia Caballero (@ceciliacaballerophd) of Chicana M(other)work (@chicanamotherwork) from 2016. Cecilia shares her experience in processing the murder of Jesse Romero, a 14 year-old boy killed by LAPD, and the conversation she had with her 6 year old son at the time.

We share this today knowing that as we get activated around dismantling systems of white supremacy and violence, we must imagine what comes after we #defundpolice. We must stay in constant practice around imagining and creating liberation right now, and that work involves our children. Our children & young people are our greatest guides. Listen to them. Give them space to question, imagine, play, make sense, make anew.

The reflection and practice questions included here are from the book. Pre-order your copy from @FeministPress or your favorite black or woman-owned business. Let us know if you use the liberated strategies here and your thoughts!

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