Habari Gani?  Ujamaa!

Today is the fourth day of Kwanzaa, a week-long celebration that honors African heritage of the Black Diaspora. We will be highlighting the importance of the seven core principles of Kwanzaa, how you can practice in your families and communities, and share how Parenting for Liberation work embodies the tenets of each principle. 

Today, on the fourth day of Kwanzaa, we celebrate Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics) which is to build & maintain our own stores, shops, & other businesses & to profit from them together.

One way that Parenting for Liberation practices Cooperative Economics is that we support Black businesses for our gatherings and events from the food, photography, and artists. Below are some vendors for our Kwanzaa event. Join us in patronizing them!


You can practice Kwanzaa by supporting Black businesses and recycling Black dollars–including supporting Parenting for Liberation. Here are 2 ways support our Black nonprofit:

Pre-Order Our Book: www.parentingforliberation.org/shop

Donate: www.parentingforliberation.org/donate

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