New Episode! Parenting After Prison

In this week’s podcast, Trina talks with Matthew Arlington, who is currently interning with Parenting for Liberation through his program at California State University Fullerton. Matthew is a father who was formerly incarcerated during the early stages of fatherhood. This episode focuses on the hardships associated with parenting while incarcerated and methods to overcome those barriers. Trina also explores how Matthew has adjusted to parenting after prison and his parenting methods. Lastly, Matthew and Trina reflect on parenting strategies for raising our children with a liberated mind set. 

Key Points Discussed in this Episode:

  • Approximately, 10 million children nationwide have a parent who has been incarcerated
  • The importance of communicating with your child while incarcerated
  • “Get on the bus” is a California based program that was developed by the Center of Restorative Justice Works, which transports families to and from prisons for visitations on Mother’s and Father’s Day.
  • The importance of and open communication with your children after release from prison to build bonds of trust. 
  • Recognizing the inequality that still exist in society and how to teach our children how to live according to law with a sense of empowerment and love for themselves.
  • Friends Outside”, a Los Angeles based organization that provides resources to ex-convicts to help them transition back into society and family life. 
  • Project Rebound”, a program located on most CSU campuses that provides assistants to ex-convicts in enrollment and other resources needed when returning to school. 

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