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Black mothers deserve to be freed from outrageous stereotypes

Incredible piece to challenge us to #FreeBlackMotherhood by a Parenting for Liberation partner, Ambreia Meadows Fernandez:

Since arriving on U.S. shores, black mothers have been sacrificing joy to save their families. We’re the glue that holds our community together, but we’re regularly overlooked and under supported. We’ve been beaten to death with the stigma the world has imposed on black motherhood. We know the world uses any excuse –  relationship status, income, and insurance –  to invalidate us. I want us to spend more time dancing, singing, and celebrating. Life is hard, but the best form of resistance is joy. In order to cultivate freedom for black mothers, I need our community and the world to show up for us the way we’ve shown up for them. Love us, nurture us, and support us. 

Whether the world realizes it or not, the power of black women is the world’s best kept secret. If we get the chance to be free, we can liberate the world.

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