In this episode with Natalie Pipkin, founder of Black World Schoolers, she told the stories behind the research data that shows that African Americans are increasingly pulling their Black children out of schools and deciding to homeschool for a variety of reasons. Natalie shares her own personal experience with racism as a school age child, and how when her own children began experiencing it–she went into protection and fear-based parenting mode. 

Natalie and her husband decided it was time to stop fighting for their children to be accepted in “in the classroom but left out of the curriculum” and after fours years at a private classical education institution, Natalie decided to shift to what she calls Black World Schooling.

“We believe centering the wisdom, truth, experiences, achievements, and beauty of Africans and those throughout the African Diaspora can have an unbelievably powerful impact on black children around the globe.

We invite you to join us on this journey of self love, cultural appreciation, and black liberation.”

Black WorldSchoolers 

The discussion also covers some juicy themes such as:

  • Classical education as the breeding ground of white supremacy
  • Both the privilege and sacrifice of choosing to send Black children to school or to home school 
  • Distinctions between homeschooling and world schooling
  • Strategies for in- school parents to engage in homeschooling practices

Thank you Natalie for reminding us that our ancestors have always homeschooled and educated our children. As Black parents we are always teaching and educating them on their history, how to love themselves, and how to navigate being Black. So regardless of whether our children go to school or stay at home, we as Black parents are always their first and consistent teacher–always guiding them back to themselves with love and affirmation. 



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