Freedom is what many parents who have histories of enslavement and incarceration desire for their children. As the daughter of a formerly incarcerated parent, and with a connection to enslaved Africans, that’s what I want for my kids. I want them to be liberated.” — Trina Greene Brown

This Ted-Talk style presentation masterfully weaves personal storytelling of a child of a formerly incarcerated parent, who now gives back to incarcerated parents by facilitating liberated parent workshops with moms in prison.  Trina Greene Brown, a Black feminist activist personally impacted by the prison industrial complex, is a powerhouse speaker who will make connections between the intersections of mass incarceration, racism, and parenting. She will share her innovative liberated parenting workshop series with incarcerated women on “Raising Liberated Children” for mothers who are incarcerated at a California’s women’s prison. Trina will thread stories about her relationship with her incarcerated father with the experiences of parents currently incarcerated, who rather than being afforded rehabilitation, restorative justice, or support to heal from the intergenerational trauma for themselves and their families, were incarcerated and separated from their families.

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