Parenting for Liberation’s founder, Trina Greene Brown, is a faculty for Mama’s University!

Are you tired of not having the language to navigate our current political climate? Do you need a space where you can learn from mamas who look like you? Can’t physically travel to attend a conference? Mama’s University is the space for you. An online space for mamas of color by women of color. https://goo.gl/forms/BiDIE08xsG1LcZg93


Mama’s University offers a holistic approach to developing women leaders. Women do not lead single issue lives and in order to build an activist mother it requires addressing all of her relationship issues, including her relationship with herself, her family and most importantly, her relationship with power.


This training course will give a historical viewpoint of organizing that centers women of color with a strong focus on Black women. We prepare our fellows to take on the issues of today by being empowered by the lessons of the past. Fellows will also be supported by one-on-one coaching with Mothering Justice staff. We’ll guide them through their journey to the next level of their personal leadership. Our goal is to provide the tools and resources needed to assist fellows in growing power in their homes, their neighborhoods and their communities.

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