We were honored to bring together an intimate group of Black parents across the diaspora. With intentionality, we brought together a beautiful community that is intergenerational (with folks caring for children ranging from infancy to adulthood), representing a multitude of parenting identities (from single parent, co-parent, blended-families, etc), engaging in various practices and perspectives, and is an expansive representation of Blackness, as we are not a cultural monolith, and such diversity improves the quality and impact of our healing.

The gathering was connective, inspiring, and hopeful. Being in community with a group of Black parents exploring our own liberation reaffirmed our commitment to parent for liberation, because it provided a small glimpse into what’s possible when we build a community of parents who are interrupting intergenerational trauma and taking care of themselves: a world of Black liberated parents who can show up whole for their children.

This community coming together was part of our dreams — and our ancestors’ collective dreams — come true.  We have an extreme amount of gratitude for the sharing and storytelling which provided Parenting for Liberation new insights of what it takes to actualize our organizational vision of a community of liberated Black parents and children.

Please watch the video below to listen to our powerful closing collective mantra where we affirm our brilliance and power as Black parents. We invite folks to make this mantra part of your self-care practice.  Listening to us reflect on our collective power is a reminder that you are not alone — we are a collective of black parents that are supporting each other.


Self-Care Resources:

During the retreat we offered reiki massage by Beandrea July, founder of Wonder Woman Wellness. Learn more at  www.wonderwomanwellness.com or @wonderwomanwellness on Instagram.

Here are a few mental health resources that specialize in working with Black/African American folks:


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