This past week, our founder, Trina Greene Brown received the Inspiration Award from CADRE at their annual spring gala.

Trina Greene Brown, Founder

“Inspiration Award is presented to Trina Greene Brown, founder of Parenting for Liberation, with gratitude and admiration for your courageous vision of healing and transforming Black parents’ struggles into liberated collective Black parent power.” – CADRE



Click below watch video of Trina’s acceptance speech:

Below are introductory words spoken by Maria Villamil, lead organizer with CADRE, about Trina:

Left to Right: Maisie Chin (CADRE), Trina Greene Brown (Parenting for Liberation), Mark-Anthony Johnson (Dignity & Power Now), Maria Villamil (CADRE)

Raising black and brown children in the 21st century is transformational and challenging, yet the most amazing and beautiful journey. I know, I have three seeds of my own.

Tonight we are celebrating an outstanding leader. A woman who leaves with LOVE IN ACTION – because is not just a feeling. Her dedication in providing parents the opportunity to look at their families and children with a new vision for black parenting is very meaningful, inspirational, and necessary in all communities of color.

Trina Greene Brown helps us liberate our black and brown parents spirits from guilt and fear based parenting. Her leadership and intergenerational wisdom lead us to look deeper into having authentic relationships with Black parents. Trina engages resiliency, radical love, vision and collectively gives us the tools to heal and honor the sacred roles of black parents in Los Angeles.

Here at CADRE, we believe that when Black and Brown parents heal, we begin to understand how to use our strengths, our trauma becomes resilience, fear becomes that light that conducts lessons learned to transform these stories into wisdom. The stories and radical love that will be shared from generation to generation; from one village to another village. On behalf of all of us who organize parents, thank you, Trina, for your leadership and RADICAL LOVE IN ACTION!




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