Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 12.51.39 PMMother and Literacy Activist, Dr. Kim Parker, reached out to us via facebook messenger to connect about hosting a family gathering in Boston for folks raising Black boys entitled “Free, Whole, & Happy Black Boys.” We had the pleasure of connecting with Dr. Kim virtually sharing tools and resources. She purchased of our our last few copies of the Storybook Workbook, set an agenda, and brought together 20+ folks with their Black boys.

After the event, we interviewed Dr. Kim Parker for our podcast (listen below) to learn about how to build a community of practice.  And her can-do message was inspiring: Just start it and they will show up. Just keep practicing and learn by doing. If you keep showing up, they will keep showing up.


If you are in the Boston area and raising Black boys, Dr. Kim Parker has already scheduled her next gathering. Click here to learn more and join the Boston area community of practice.  If you aren’t in Boston but want to build your own community of practice, please email us so we can provide support in terms of resources, materials, and tools for engagement. To learn more about Dr. Kim Parkers work, visit her blog site,

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