Recently, the work of Parenting for Liberation has focused on Black parents healing from historical, intergenerational, and current traumas associated with “Parenting while Black.” In this article, our collaborative partner, Ambreia Meadows-Fernandez, who was featured on our podcast, reflects on the mental health impact of raising Black children.

Anxiety can cripple black parents. But it doesn’t have to. We deserve better than spending all of our free time wondering if our child will be the next victim of a hate crime. But the time we spend using fear-based parenting techniques drastically reduces the amount of time we have to enjoy our children. We must stop; the preoccupation and stress are slowly killing us.

Ambreia shares some liberated parenting strategies to help parents such as seeking counseling, practicing self-care, and connecting with other parents like listening to our podcast (thanks for the shout-out!).

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