Talking about sex in a liberated way has been a challenge. Often times, we have the conversation about sex rooted in fear (fear of unwanted pregnancy, fear of sexually transmitted infections, fear of sexual abuse and violence, etc.) Because it is so scary, may parents avoid it. However, simply because you don’t talk about with your child, doesn’t mean your child is not learning about sex elsewhere.

So when our founder, Trina Greene Brown, found herself struggling to have the conversation in a liberated way, she sought out the help of incredibly skilled, brilliant, and candid sex(uality) experts to become more equipped. She had the pleasure of having a discussion with Ignacio and Amanda Rivera, a parent-child duo who created the groundbreaking, heartfelt and witty online talk show, Pure Love, on how to be a liberated parent when talking with kids about sexuality. Listen to PODCAST on iTunes!


“Pure Love  highlights the voices of Ignacio Rivera, a Black Boricua Taíno, transgender, healer, artist, activist, mother and self-identified magical Unicorn. Along with their daughter, Amanda Rivera, toddler-whisperer, assistant teacher, diva, bruja and self identified mermaid, they keep it real.”

During our conversation, Ignacio and Amanda, offer practical ideas for how to have conversations with your children about sex(uality).

Pure Love has been airing on different media hosts each month since March 15, 2017. You can find the video episodes of this session on Youtube.

For more info visit the Pure Love website.

Also click below to view a powerful tool created by Ignacio which explores the liberated ways to discuss sex(uality) with our children rooted in celebration (instead of fear).



“The Evolution of the Talk” in Thrive: a year of skill-shares by and for people impacted by domestic and sexual violence, Series organized by Gather Together

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