We had the beautiful opportunity to speak with Malesha Taylor, a classically trained opera singer, and mother of three residing in San Diego, a suburban community in Southern California about how to build a community in the suburbs and instill cultural pride in her children. During our discussion, Malesha reflected on the trauma of her own childhood, growing up in California suburbs as “the only Black kid”  and she made a commitment to build community for her Black children. She shares tips on how to manifest and build community in spaces that feel isolating, through the use of arts and culture. With a commitment to never “be the only” Malesha advocates for centering Black voices and other marginalized communities in the arts, through her organization, Muse Salon and  through her work as a vanguard Black opera singer.

Links to Malesha’s written and creative arts are available at How I Round, Arts in A Changing America, and Mater Mea.

For more information, visit www.musesalon.org or contact her at malesha@musesalon.org.

For videos of her breathktaking vocals, see below:


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