Parenting for Liberation had the privilege of interviewing Mia Birdsong a powerhouse Mama-activist doing big things to shift the stories being told about Black families!

During our interview with the Mia Birdsong, Co-Founder/Director of Family Story, we discussed the limitations and false narratives that exist about the make up of the Black family such as: extending beyond the traditional nuclear family and paying homage to our African cultural traditions of raising children in a village and naming the ways that racist housing policies have intentionally separated Black families.

In addition to being a story shifter and narrative expander in her work, Mia is also committed to expansiveness in her parenting. When she couldn’t find enough books for her daughter with people of color, she curated literature and created Canerow so her daughter could see herself reflected in books.

From books to the streets, Mia shared  the ways to she engages her children in social justice, through conversations on Charlottesville and her son participating in children-led protests in the Bay Area with Abundant Beginnings. We concluded our talk with visions of communities of families practicing and living liberation collectively. Check out all of Mia’s inspiring work at; and watch her world renown TedTalk “The Story We Tell About Poverty Isn’t True” below.

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