On Black Friday, Parenting for Liberation hosted it’s first ever community of practice in Los Angeles. Nearly a dozen families were represented at the gathering. Cultivating an intergenerational community with parents with children aging from 9 months – 41 years of age.

The parents had a safe space to reflect on their joys and struggles of raising “carefree Black children,” while swapping out liberated parenting strategies. Simultaneously, the children engaged in a related and age-appropriate arts and craft activity of making super hero capes while discussing their favorite super heroes and learning about hidden heroes of African descent. The gathering convened with the children and parents reunited in an interactive activity, where the children proudly modeled their super hero costumes, shared their own super powers to their freest and most liberated selves.  The parents supported their children by naming liberated parenting practices they would commit to support and cultivate their little super hero.

Testimonials from the event:

I thought the parent session was really powerful & validating. I appreciated being in a space with mostly been-there, done-that parents. There was obviously an appetite for open discussion, & the session met that need. I also appreciated having a handout. My main a-ha moments were related to: letting children be children; realizing that liberated parenting is a journey, not a destination (& forgiving ourselves for the mistakes we make along the way).

The kid session was a success. The children really thought about what was being asked and it felt very good to know that they see themselves as superheroes. 

First it warmed my heart to be in a space with other parents with some of the same concerns and struggles as I have. [another parent] talked about learning to be careful not to bring the woes of your work day home and spill that emotion in to your Children. It was an aha moment for me because I could never pin point why my kids would act a certain way based on my day. They are generally happy kids but I feel like when my mind is else where they can sense it and begin to act accordingly and it’s not good.

I LOVED the re-convening activity between parents & child (runway show & writing activity) – it was so powerful to watch.



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