Parenting for Liberation’s Trina Greene Brown had the honor of  providing the Keynote Address at the California Department of Public Health’s Mobilizing Communities Convening. The convening brought together violence prevention specialists and youth leaders from across the state of California who are tirelessly working to end relationship abuse and promote healthy relationships. The convening theme was “For All Social Change” taken from Close2Home’s model of community organizing.  

According to the C2H model, social change is possible with “community organizing that practices a rigorous intersectional analysis. The causes of violence are rooted in the intersections of multiple forms of oppression, including racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and adultism. This critical understanding guides us in taking thoughtful and collective action; in connecting gender justice with racial equity; in developing a shared analysis of the root causes of domestic and sexual violence; and in advancing the transformation of the social, economic, and political systems fueling injustice—all while cultivating the compassion and action we envision.” 

During the keynote, Trina explore three steps to social change using the theme as a guide, break down  3 questions:

    1. For: what are we for?
    2. All: who is included in the all? Who is missing? Who is centered?
    3. Social change: what is intersectional social change?


Click here to watch the video.

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