We had the honor of interviewing Jacqueline Roebuck Sakho who recently launched Black Activist Mothering. Jacqueline performs #BlackActivistMothering as a conceptual framework that is a capturing and both shedding of what it means to be a black mother who engages problems of practice unfolding in urban school settings as community work. A #BlackActivistMother herself, Jacqueline has been trailblazing in the fields of Restorative Justice, Community Based Educational Leadership, and of course Radical parenting six children for over the last 20 years.

During our conversation we explored the following:

  • Creating counter narratives to the dominant narrative about Black women and Black motherhood
  • The role of inter-generational dialogue
  • How Black Activist Mother can be used a tool for nation building
  • Next steps for collecting Black mothering stories of liberation.

To learn more about BAM visit http://www.BlackActivistMothering.com

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