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imageParenting for Liberation stands with #BreshaMeadows! Bresha is a young Black girl who was being abused in her home, when her mother couldn’t defend her and the state failed to step in and support her, Bresha defended herself. We believe in creating a world where Black girls can be free without violence; and if they do experience violence they will be supported–not imprisoned and revictimized. Please sign the letter along with other activist as we stand with Bresha!

“After continuing to witness this abuse, Bresha sought help from family members and police, but the violence continued. As a young girl with few options, she was rightly scared for her family members’ lives as well as her own. What Bresha faced was not new: countless Black women, girls and gender-nonconforming people face similar matrices of interpersonal violence and state violence. Many, like Bresha, are criminalized for choosing survival.”

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