When do beautiful adorable Black children become threatening Black thugs?

“Today, my kids are deemed “golden” and “adorable” and “sweet” because they look the way society has decided children should look. In a few years, as they grow into black young adults and men, that same line of superficial reasoning will mark them as dangerous.

Parenting to this fact is a near-impossible task.

We cannot protect our children by choosing to live in a low-crime, suburban area—they will stand out more. We cannot shelter our children by sending them to private schools we can’t afford—they will never learn their heritage and the truth of what they’re up against. We cannot safeguard our dear sons by making sure they keep their pants on their waists or hoodies off their heads—they will be judged either way.”

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  1. The Bluefield WV police let a drug dealer name CJ Wallace kill 15 teen black kids

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