We mourn the life of 22-year-old Tiarah Poyau who was approached by an unknown man who began dancing on her. When she, as a liberated young women, told the man, “Get off me,” he pulled out a gun and shot her at close range. We send love to her family and friends who grieve their lost and we stand against gendered violence.


Black women and girls live at the intersection of gender and racial violence and we demand an end to the toxic masculinity that is being taught to our Black boys and men. We need Black men and boys to stand with us to put an end to the misogynior that Black women and girls face while simply walking down the street.

In the month of June, we spoke with Quentin Walcott (@qwalcott) about how our Black boys are conditioned into stereotypical notions of toxic masculinity.


Click here to listen to our interview with Quentin on engaging boys of color.

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