This summer I had the opportunity to travel to Kentucky with my son and my mom to visit family. While there on the border between Ohio (free state) and Kentucky (former slave state), We visited the Underground Railroad Museum to learn the rich history of slavery and freedom in the land.   At the museum and there’s a exhibit on Henry “Box” Brown who had himself mailed up north in a cargo box to freedom. In the exhibit there is a replica box which Terrence playfully climbs into–this makes me uncountable seeing him in the box and I’m trying to explain how difficult the trip would have been. Then a white lady interjects with a comment (whitesplaining to Terrence). Then the same white lady asks to take a picture of Terrence in the box–she addresses him instead of me–Terrence says “yes” and I say “No you can not”. Then I demand Terrence “get from out of there”. She finally backs off. I’m like WTF, my son is no my a part of this exhibit!! We are not for your entertainment or awakening.

And then I have to deal with my son who’s now interrogating me about why I wouldn’t let her take a picture of him and he accuses me of being rude. So I have to explain to him that I never want him or anyone to romanticize slavery and that I won’t allow him to be a pawn in some other person’s historical reflections on slavery. #getthefuckawayfromson #notyourmuseumexihibit


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