Is it OK for boys to cry?

Raising a liberated boy is one who is free to have a full range of emotions, expressing vulnerability, sadness, disappointment, and grief with tear running down his cheeks. We must encourage the full range of emotions for our boys so that they grow into empathetic men.‪#‎parentingforliberation‬

“he academic research about boys and crying – or more accurately, vulnerability – shows that…boys will fall further behind in school and in an increasingly complex society if we do not teach them how to be emotionally open and honest, able to recognize and navigate their feelings rather than stuffing them down. But another body of research shows that teaching boys to accept their own vulnerability is harder than we think. Despite our best intentions, our progressive instincts, and an increasingly gender-fluid society — the mama’s boy stigma dies hard.”

Is it OK for boys to cry? Read and share Hanna Rosin’s article challenging our views on today’s parenting and our views on gender, social norms and roles.

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Keith Negley for NPR

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