With Father’s Day just around the corner, I connected with a fellow gender-violence activist and brother in the movement, Quentin “Q” Walcott, Co-Executive Director of CONNECT to learn about CONNECT’s 7th Annual Father’s Day Pledge to End Violence.

During our exchange, we explored the following:

  • the role of men in ending violence against women
  • how Black boys are conditioned toward stereotypical notions of masculinity, and how can we shift to new behaviors and attitudes
  • the buffers that parents provide to protect against the impacts of systemic violence on Black male behaviors and attitudes
  • tips for parents to challenge traditional gender roles in our homes with our children

For a special treat, Q blessed us at the conclusion of the call with a spoken word piece entitled “ManCHILD” in addition to reciting pieces from the Father’s Day Pledge Against Violence.

To learn more about the Father’s Day pledge and how you can engage boys and men in your community please visit http://www.connectnyc.org or on twitter @CONNECT_NYC. You can also reach out to Q on twitter @QuentinWalcott.



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